Linux [Client Support]

VPN Client Configure - Windows

Downloading the OpenVPN Client from the link.

  1. OpenVPN Client for windows
  2. Once you install on windows. You will get shortcut key on Desktop click on OpenVPN icon, as shown in the image. Also, you can go to the Community Download page and download respective OS setup.
  1. Before you create profile need to download the VPN Keys
    To view help on how to download the VPN Keys click on the link View how to Download the VPN Keys
  2. To create a profile click on connection profile + symbol.

Click on Save. And the profile is ready to connect

  1. Now click on required profile to connect.

Now you are connected to Serve. To check open command window and try to ping the Computing PC with an office local ip address. To access the Computing PC use winscp or putty. Once the putty window is opened login to required workstation and start the vnc session.

Invoking VNC Viewer - Linux/Windows

  1. Open VNC Viewer
  1. To get full color, go to the option select Full (all available colors)
  1. Once you select / set the required options you want, click on OK and OK to connect, where it will ask you to enter the password. One password which you created wile invoking the vnc server on the server.
  1. Now your VNC Session on the linux server is up and ready to use.