Linux [Client Support]

Putty as SSH Client for Linux

Putty to Access Linux Servers/Workstations.

You can download putty from Putty site, using the Link

User login  name and  password is same as Linux Server username and password.

Launch the Putty once it is installed. Enter required data in Host Name (IP Address) & Port No (Default is 22) you can check with you system admin for Host Name and Port No in case default port no is changed. Connection Type should select to SSH as shown in below image.


Type the concerned workstation/server Host name / IP address as shown in the above picture, click on open. Now it will ask you for SSH Security Alert. Click on Yes and you asked to enter username and password to log-in.

You have launched the putty (SSH) client session with your linux server/workstation. Here you can use your all linux command.