SVN over SSH Linux Client Setup

Accessing of Linux SVN Server over SSH from Linux PC.

See How to setup OpenVpn Client in Windows

Setting up SVN Client on Linux Platform.

You can get from your system admin.
  • SSH Port No
  • Domain Name/IP Address
  • Repository Path


Edit ".sbuversion/config" file which is in your home folder.
Note: By default you will not be having .subversion folder. For this, you need to get it created by using the command "svn help" which creates a folder called "".subversion" under your home folder.

[user1@user19~]$ svn --help
[user1@user19~]$ cd .subversion
subversion folder will get created in your home folder. ie., /home/user19/.subversion

[user1@user19 .subversion]$ vim config

Now edit the config file which is available in .subversion

Now go to line 55 and insert one new line with following sentence, myssh = /usr/bin/ssh -p <port no>

Now save the file and exit.
[user1@user19 .subversion]$ cd
[user1@user19 ~]$