FTP Client Configuration on Linux

Pre-request Required is gftp

Steps to Access the FTP, with Linux PC (using gftp)

gftp ‐‐ check for gftp.

If not available login as root, then install the gftp using yum command.
user@system~$ yum install gftp ( follow the instructions)

→In place of Host Name: ftp.ftpserver.com
Port 21 used only for direct FTP.

User name : <username> provided by your IT Person
Passoword : <Password> provided by your IT Person

→ Once you connect, you will find the required folder.
Here you can store the data, the same data can be downloaded. Only the allowed, users will be able to access the data. And Kindly do not delete the file ".group.txt" from FTP home folder.
Note: Once you finish downloading or uploading data, deleting the data from the FTP server is good practice.