Linux [Client Support]

Invoking VNC Server - Linux

Launching VNC Server on Linux Server.

First you need to login to linux server using the putty tool, see how to use putty tool Click Here.

Once you login to Linux server using the putty tool.  Type the below command to launch VNC Server in your Linux Server

user1 [trishuli][~] $ vncserver -geometry 1220x720 -depth 16 -cc 4 -name "Trishuli - User-1"

export HOSTNAME=`hostname | cut -d "." -f 1 | tr 'a-zA-Z' 'A-Za-z'`
alias vncstart='vncserver -geometry 1325x680 -depth 24 -cc 4 -name "$HOSTNAME - `finger $USER | head -n 1 | cut -d ":" -f 3`"'

NB: -geometry this you can set as per your requirement keep around 30px from your desktop resolution
  1. ‐geometry <widht x height>
  2. ‐depth 16/8 color depth
  3. ‐name <you can give your own naem>

Once the above command is executed you will display with a available display number on the screen.

  1. For the first time you will be asked to enter vnc password. This password is not linked with you unix login password.
    Use the Following below command to invoke the vnc server also as shown in below image.
    Vasant[trishuli][~]$ vncserver -geometry 1220x720 -depth 24 -cc 4 -name "Servername - Your Name"
  1. In the above snap, display no is allotted with 13. To access this session, you need to launch vnc viewer from your Windows / Linux client desktop end.
  2. For the first time, login you will get is a twm session. To change this session to KDE or Gnome you need to edit the xstartup file, which is located in your home folder ~/.vnc/ . To open this file, you can use vi/vim editor.
    [vasant][trishuli][.vnc]$ vim xstartup
    #twm & → comment this line and add KDE session command line below the #twm as shown below.
    startkde & #for kde session
    gnome-session & # for gnome session.
    Note: You can use either one of the startkde or gnome-session. Now save the file and exit.
  3. To re-start the session login through putty kill the vncsession.
    $ vncserver ‐ kill :<your display no>
    EX: Vasant [ trishuli ][~/.vnc ]$ vncserver ‐kill :13
    Killing Xvnc process ID 20404
    Vasant [ trishuli ][~/.vnc ]$
  4. To start the vnc session do as shown in step '1'.
  5. Now you must able to open vnc session in twm/kde/gnome, which you have set in the xstartup file.

Invoking VNC Viewer - Linux/Windows

  1. Open VNC Viewer
  1. To get full color, go to the option select Full (all available colors)
  1. Once you select / set the required options you want, click on OK and OK to connect, where it will ask you to enter the password. One password which you created wile invoking the vnc server on the server.
  1. Now your VNC Session on the linux server is up and ready to use.