Accessing SAMBA Server

Windows [Client Support]

Accessing SAMBA Server.

Accessing of SAMBA Server from Windows PC.

See how to setup OpenVpn Client in Windows  /  Linux

Steps to Access Samba Server.

In Windows user RUN window (click on Start Button --> RUN) OR use windows flag button + R to open RUN window

Now type samba server IP address in RUN window. You can get the IP from your IT Person.

Now you will be asked to enter user name and password.

Type Username & Password and select on OK button.

Now a you can see window opened with shared folders.
Note: You can acess only your home folder and the folders allowed to you.

Ex: One Shared Folder Opened.

Mapping selected shared folder to drive. Right click on folder and click on Map network drive

Assigining Drive letter on shared folder Map network drive

After clicking on Finish, new explorer will be opened with given drive name. Mapping network drive